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How can I make my compressed air system run more efficiently?

As a global compressed air performance, control and monitoring specialist, this is a question we’re frequently asked.

And whilst there are countless variables when it comes to making air compressors run more efficiently, these three tips are possibly our favourite fixes.

So, if you’re a manufacturer that’s looking to improve air compressor performance, then look no further.

1. What you don’t know, you don’t know

In the world of big data, information – or, more importantly, how you interpret and act on information – is key. If you don’t know how to monitor your air compressors, then how can you be expected to know how to get the best from them?

Our two solutions – SCADARTM and AIRMATICSTM – provide everything a manufacturer needs to improve air compressor performance and diagnose air compressor faults, regardless of the air compressors’ brand and year of manufacture. SCADARTM forensically audits a compressed air system, whereas AIRMATICSTM ensures that it runs optimally at ALL times.

Our top tip is to make sure that you arm yourself – or your team – with the tools necessary to spot air compressor inefficiencies and that have the capability to keep your air compressors running optimally once you’ve identified and rectified any issues.

2. Turn down the heat

If your air compressors are running hot, then it’s likely that you’re not getting the best from your compressed air system. Simply put, the hotter a compressed air plant room, the less efficient your compressors are. Compressor performance and efficiency is measured and tested by the compressor manufacturer at an ambient temp of 20 degrees Celsius. Every degree over this is detrimental to compressor efficiency and, therefore, overall system efficiency.

Look to reduce the temperature of your plant room and log the correlation between heat reduction and performance.

3. Rapid cycling

If your fixed speed compressors keep loading and unloading, then it’s costing your plant money. The more your air compressors keep unloading, the more energy you’re unnecessarily using. Considering how an unloaded compressor absorbs 25 – 30 per cent of power without creating any productive air, you can see how a rapidly cycling air compressor can start to cost the manufacturer money.

There are three main reasons why air compressors rapidly cycle, including thermostat malfunction, an incorrectly sized air conditioner and faulty compressor. SCADARTM and AIRMATICSTM will quickly diagnose the problem and establish where in the system it’s occurring.

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