Maximize Efficiency and Savings. Revolutionize Your Compressed Air Usage.

Save up to 30% per year in Energy Costs With Airmatics™ Compressor Management Technology

AIRMATICS™ is a simple cloud-based air compressor monitoring, performance and control solution that provides real time data, analytics and insights at the push of a button.

Smart Air, Not Hot Air

Are you an energy consultant, OEM, distributor, facilities manager or business owner responsible for getting the most out of a manufacturing facility?

If optimising air compressor performance, reducing energy bills and increasing sustainability levels is important to your business, AIRMATICS™ can help you:


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    Become Industry 4.0 ready

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    Reduce energy costs attributable to air compressors by 30 per cent

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    Achieve 24/7 and 360° visibility of your entire air compressor network’s performance, efficiency and health status

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    Automate air compressor monitoring and control by letting AIRMATICS™ make the right performance and efficiency adjustments and decisions for you

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    Cut waste and reduce carbon emissions

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    Improve your air compressor network’s performance