The smart factory has just got even smarter

Developed to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0, AIRMATICS™ takes air compressor monitoring, performance and control into the 21st century by providing 360° real time performance tracking of businesses’ air compressors – from anywhere in the world.

Knowledge is power

From monitoring performance, status and effectiveness of a single air compressor through to an entire local eco-system of air compressors, AIRMATICS™ provides up-to-the-minute intelligence that enables businesses to reduce power consumption, save energy costs and improve sustainability performance.

The future of compressed air monitoring, performance and control


  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Fully interoperable
  • Brand agnostic: AIRMATICS™ can be integrated within any air compressor eco-system – regardless of manufacturer
  • Reduces energy bills attributable to air compressors by up to 30%
  • Minimises sustainability footprint by reducing carbon emissions
  • Maximises performance and creates efficiencies
  • Reduces wear and tear: IoT capability and continual live communication between air compressor and control centre means performance never exceeds system requirements at any given moment
  • Transparent and easy-to-use reporting: The AIRMATICS™ interface is intuitive and makes gaining insights, data and reporting accessible – regardless of location
  • Decentralised decision-making: AIRMATICS™ automatically makes the best decisions for your air compressors’ functionality and usage
  • Fully secure
  • Reduce time spent by workforce on manual diagnostics and resolution
  • Big data helps businesses make big decisions about their air compressor systems
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