Tag dash

Play Tag dash and win $100 Amazon voucher

In a bid to inject a bit of fun into the world of air compressors, jump into the shoes of Maintenance Mike, a bottling plant specialist, who must install an AIRMATICS™ SMART TAG on four compressors located on a factory floor as quickly as possible before returning to the AIRMATICS™ AERO control panel to commission the installation.

Time penalties are incurred for coming into contact with a number of obstacles that include forklift trucks, boxes and steam. Everyone gets a place on the TAG dash leader board and each participant is automatically entered into a monthly prize draw for the chance to win the vouchers.

Good luck!

N S00:32:60
N F00:40:87
A V01:14:68
Matt Brookman01:22:55
Michael Evans01:37:13
Titus Cantrell01:48:01
Ralf Hölscher02:45:57