AIRMATICS™ saves major US manufacturer almost $58,000 a year

The challenge

When AIRMATICS™ experts in the US conducted a compressed air audit at a large-scale tobacco firm in Nashville, Tennessee, they discovered that around 25 per cent more energy than was actually required was being consumed.

As an organisation that strives to improve operational efficiency, it decided to commission AIRMATICS™ to implement a system that would provide long-term commercial benefits and prevent on-going wastage.

The project

The audit carried out by AIRMATICS™ included a detailed examination of the Nashville plant’s considerable compressed air installations, which included its compressors, compressor rooms and pipework.

It concluded that the installations had no trimming capabilities and unloaded when there was an imbalance between output and demand, which was causing significant energy loss and contributing to annual energy consumption of 2,409,000 kWh – a figure that was excessively higher than it needed to be.

In addition to replacing two existing air compressors, AIRMATICS™ installed its intelligent monitoring, performance and control solution, which ensured that only the most efficient combination of compressors would run and energy demand mirrored the required output.

Via AIRMATICS™, status, line pressure, sump pressure, discharge temperature, sump temperature, running hours, loaded hours and service timers are now all accurately monitored across each compressor, in addition to compressor room temperature, dryer room ambient temperature and other key performance criteria for each individual system component.

“We had suspected for some time that electricity was being wasted within our production lines and called in the AIRMATICS™ team to investigate. They had proven that they had the know-how to highlight areas where energy was being lost and to implement a system that could provide measurable long term commercial benefits.”

Associate Staff Engineer

The result

The installation of AIRMATICS™ has seen:

  • 97.7% of all compressed air produced is now used for production purposes
  • An annual energy consumption decrease by over 600,000 kWh – or 25 per cent
  • Annual savings amount to $57,862
  • Payback on AIRMATICS™ investment of $65,000 achieved within 14 months

“We are delighted with our decision to enlist the help of AIRMATICS™. Their approach throughout the project has been extremely professional and they have worked closely in partnership with us to deliver major operational improvements. We are now successfully matching compressed air production with demand throughout the plant and have made costly unloading a thing of the past. More importantly, AIRMATICS™ has delivered a genuine ROI and the new installations are set to pay for themselves in little over a year. We certainly intend to work with AIRMATICS™ in the future to ensure that these and other savings are maximised long term.”

Plant technician

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